What it Does

CongressMediaCenter is a suite of programmes for the management of your conference, meeting or convention.

CongressMediaCenter simplifies your job, shortens preparation time, reduces errors and makes your event unique.


CongressMediaCenter reduces preparation time of the event.

Once the database has been implemented, starting from the agenda of the event, it is possible to create the graphics on a pc and export it to replay it in the other Halls.

The software starts running as soon as it is installed: it is possible to customise in detail every element or leave the default settings.



The ten-year experience in the field of events has helped us to refine a series of control tools to avoid possible errors.The presentations are scanned before being sent to the hall in order to detect any possible critical point before the projection.

The system is totally designed to avoid any possible issue and make your event the best possible.



With CongressMediaCenter, you do not require any special technical skills.

No difficult installation is required.

No Server.

CongressMediaCenter has been designed to be simple to use, although offering powerful technical tools, therefore studying for long hours is not required: the software is user-friendly and uses known protocols and is easy to learn.


Our experience can help you

All the programmes of the suite work in harmony, but are conceived even to work independently.

Our softwares derive from the experience on the field, that is why they manage to foresee possible issues and critical situations, and that is why each tool is perfectly fit to its pertaining task.

The softwares are perfectly fit to backstage needs, because, in the end, the only goal is that the event is successful.

Event Experience