The software for the recording and production of contents: re-experience and share your events

Capture, create, export

Broadcast your contents, automatically.

The solution to create webcast in real time, customized webcasts and podcasts.


You have all the tools

Just press play

You already have all the tools to record the event! They are included in the Suite and are already installed. Just press play and wait for the event to start.

C-Presenter works in harmony with the audio recording programme, CMCRecorder, included in the Suite.

Automatically, each presentation will be recorded and will be ready to be broadcast, already at the end of the event.

Synchronize and edit

Automatic recording

Team work

As the event progresses, C-Presenter automatically records the audio in WAV or MP3 format, captures the slides as well as all the metadata.

At the end of every report, the data are ready for any editing or to be directly distributed.

Just press play to register the whole event without any additional work.

Automatic recording

A big team

To each his own

C-Presenter captures the slides and the animations of the metadata and of the pictures, working in background during the presentation.

CMCRecorder records the audio in WAV file and converts it (automatically or in a later stage) in MP3.

With MediaSync, it is possible to browse the slides quickly, remove or adjust the time or the audio, or, you can directly export the data in order to distribute the presentation.


Ready for distribution

Many options for many solutions

A default player is created in order to allow you to be online immediately, in real time, at the end of the event, rather, of each presentation.

iOS and Adobe Flash

The data are yours

Share your contents as you like the most

MediaSync has a built-in player to show your contents, but once they are exported, the data are unencrypted: time, slides and audio are in a format compatible with any customised player, implemented with the latest Flash or HTML 5 technologies.

You can decide whether to share your contents via web for e-learning platforms or podcasts or directly on optical media or USB flash drives.

There aren't limits to what you can do with your data.

<Html5 and JQuery


  1. What is it?
    It is an editing and content sharing software for webcasts, podcasts, e-learning, etc.
  2. How does it work?
    The Hall programme, C-Presenter, captures the slides and the metadata during the development of the event. The audio registration software, CMCRecorder, records the audio of the presentation.
    With MediaSync, at the end of the presentation, it is possible to export the data or edit and share them.
  3. How many PCs do I need?
    It is possible to perform the audio registration by means of CMCRecorder directly on the projecting PC, although it is recommended to perform it on a second PC in order to have more control of it.
    On another PC, as the reports are read, it is possible to export the webcast, as soon as the presentation is over.
  4. Shall I place markers on each presentation?
    There is no need for the hall staff to intervene. C-Presenter records on its own the reports and creates a digital book of the event.
  5. What do I have at the end of each report?
    At the end of each presentation, an audio file has been recorded, as well as the images and the metadata. You just need to export the package by MediaSync to obtain unencrypted data.
  6. What if there are errors?
    By means of MediaSync, it is possible to review, unencrypted, all the recorded data, listen to the audio and clean it up, remove or add slides, remove or add temporary markers, all this with a unique editor, before exporting the presentation.
  7. May I customise the player with the graphics of my event?
    Absolutely yes. The data that MediaSync exports are unencrypted and can be read by any customised player, implemented with the latest HTML5 or FLASH technologies for example.
  8. Do I require additional licenses?
    No. The software runs with an Internet account and is protected with a login and password.