How CongressMediaCenter Works

The suite of programmes CongressMediaCenter adds 3 key factors to the creation of your event: simplicity, safety and customization.

All the programmes are conceived for them to beeasy to use: an automatic procedure will set up the computers: you shall only make sure that they are connected in the network. Easy, isn't it?

You don't need any Server, no difficult configuration. Start it. It does everything for you.

You can easily create the database of your event with a copy and paste command, starting from the agenda of the event.

Start C-Presenter and the work is done.

The perfect performance in the backstage is one of the main factors for the success of every event.
For this reason, our softwares interact one with the other, offering powerful tools for the constant and computerized control of every aspect of the event.

From the creation of the database to the projection: every gesture is accompanied by automatic controls and constant feedbacks in order to create an excellent work method and remove any margins of error.

You can give your event captivating graphics in every aspect: just a few clocks to obtain even and customised graphics in every details: from the colours, to the images, to the fonts.

There are no limits to what you can do.

The Speaker Ready Room

The Speaker Ready Room software - C-Browser - and the one of the Hall- C-Presenter - work together for a constant control of the progress of the event.

At the Speaker Ready Room the presentations are scanned in order to remove any compatibility errors and even real errors in the file, before being sent to the hall.

The activity at the Speaker Ready Room is faster and more fluent: the material is collected in a more accurate and safer way, you will avoid annoying lines thus managing to collect more data (such as the disclaimers or the pictures).

Speaker Ready Room Software

The Hall

The presentations in the hall are tested and safe.

A captivating and customized design makes the projection more fascinating and the several checks assure a smooth development of the activities: controllers warn the technician whether there are any inconsistencies in the files, so he can remove any issues in advance, before the presentation is broadcast.

Conference Software

The Room Information

As the event progresses, C-Presenter works in harmony with the Room Information software to constantly update the data of the information panels and the messaging.

No Server is required. The graphics as well as the viewable information are, of course, customizable.

Digital Deeds

With C-Presenter, it is possible to enable the Capture Mode to automatically record the contents of each presentation.

Every time the presentations go by in the projection, C-Presenter records the audio, the slides and the timer in order to produce multimedia contents, which can be viewed already at the end of the presentation.

With MediaSync, it is possible to edit these contents in order to make it a perfect report, for its distribution on the web, on mobile devices or other support.

Digital Deeds

Mobile Application
CongressLive for iOS, Android & Blackberry

All the information relating to the event may be used to update the mobile applications.

Once the upload of the application is performed on the various markets, the softwares produce on their own the information and the updates required, so that the applications are always updated and without any interventions required from you.

Conference Application