The solution for managing and customising your projections


Click and Start

C-Presenter offers an interactive menu for the broadcasting of the presentations.

The menu is completely customisable as for the details: you can choose what to display on the screen and what to click in order to start the presentation.

One unique click on an orderly programme and with all the data available and...we're on air! You can choose how to make your projection even more captivating!

Presentation Management Software

Full screen or Not: You Choose!

You can choose to set the slide view in the Full Screen mode or Kiosk mode.

On large-sized screens, you can adjust the size of the slide and display on the video all the information that you want: titles, names, descriptions of the following speakers and more over..

All this on a background that you can choose!

Slide full-screem or kiosk mode

Slide e Video

Customise your projection.

With one unique software, it is possible to create a projection with downsized slides as well as with the speaker's video (by means of a Picture-in-Picture) in order to show all the information in very large halls, on suitable screens, or simply to customise your projection.

Slide plus Video projection

What's up?

What happens afterwards?

With C-Presenter, the succeeding report will no longer be a surprise.

The system informs, by means of visual controllers, whether the file of each speaker has arrived to the room, whether he/she has to test any videos, or whether he/she has any problems, in order to solve them before his/her scheduled intervention.

The Hall constantly communicates with the Speaker Ready Room, in order to be able to prevent unexpected events and remove any possible error.

Projection Controls

Always in Time

If your event is under time pressure or you want to be sure not to finish too late.. C-Presenter is provided with a general digital Timer and a specific one for each presentation.

Besides customising the graphics of the Timer, it is also possible to change the tones of the final gong and set many other options, to make your event unique and..not be late!

The Timer can be totally managed by the function keys before the event or during the same projection: it is possible to increase, decrease or reset the time.

Digital Timer

No detail missed

C-Presenter offers the possibility to choose what to view on the screen and where, according to the space available on your projection as well as to the style you want to confer to your event.

All the information inserted when creating the database will then be available on the screen during the projection, on the Room Information, on the Applications, in order to involve the attendees and make your event unforgettable.

Custom projection layout

Free your imagination

Colours, fonts, sizes, images.

With C-Presenter, you can customise all that you wish to display on the screen and adapt your event with the selected graphics.

Once created, it is possible to export the layout with one unique click to repeat the graphics in all the other Halls, where required, in order not to repeat by hand all the settings and having the same graphics in all the Halls - or edit it, where required.

Custom colors and fonts

Webcasting solution

In real time

C-Presenter collects, during the ordinary performance of the presentation, all the information required for the sychronization of the digital records of the Event.

By means of the synchronization software, MediaSync, it is possible to implement webcast with audio and slides, and make them available at the end of the event for e-learning platforms, webcasts and podcasts.

Discover all the features of MediaSync!

Real time slide sync

Always on air!

Our softwares work together without a central server, which, shall any unexpected event occur, might jeopardize the progress of the event.

CongressMediaCenter is a suite developed on the field, and we know very well that the main need is that the event develops without any holdbacks; that is why the core of our softwares is studied to remove any possible element that may cause a problem and all the data are always available and accessible without having to possess special IT skills.



  1. What is it?
    C-Presenter is one of the softwares of the Suite CongressMediaCenter, for the management and the setup of the presentations and the projection in the Hall.
  2. Do you realize only softwares or can you mange the entire IT part of the event?
    Both the two options are possible. You can use the software by your self or we can mange the projection and the Speaker Ready Room with a professional team: we can deliver Plug & Play services on site at your conference!
  3. It is not the classic graphic layout software?
    Not only.
    C-Presenter is, on one hand, a software that allows to completely customise the projection interface: you can edit the tones, the fonts, the colours, the sizes. It is also and, above all, a software used to manage the start of presentations in the Hall, the Speaker's timer with several commands for the operator, in order for everything to progress without surprises.
  4. So, it's a room management software with a Timer?
    Besides providing the classic Timer, which, on the other hand, can be customised as for colours and sizes, it allows to view an orderly list of the speakers, of the presentations and of all the descriptions of the sessions and of the same reports, as considered necessary.
  5. But, how can I start the presentations?
    C-Presenter belongs to the family of the point-and-click softwares. It will be possible to browse among the various sessions and presentations, by simply clicking on the relating name.
  6. May I customise the background?
    Sure, but not only. C-Presenter accepts all the png, jpg, bmp and psd extensions, allowing all the possible customisations, offers the possibility to change position, colour, font and size of the characters.
    Moreover, it manages all the resolutions of the video card of the computer, on which it is running, therefore, it can be used in all the halls, where an HD projector is available.
  7. Are there any control tools?
    Yes, it is possible to enable the real-time control command of the presentations: this means that in the Hall you know for sure what is happening in the Speaker Ready Room, that is, by means of a range of icons, it is possible to control in real time whether the speaker has arrived and whether in his/her presentation, some videos have been inserted.
    In this way, the hall technician can test in advance the presentation, thus avoiding unpleasant issues during the live session.
  8. Is there an electronic nameplate?
    Of course, C-Presenter also runs on DualHead stations, this means that, where required, it will be possible to carry out special projections and without any problem whatsoever, and produce Electronic Nameplates and many other customised solutions.
  9. And, what if I wanted to do it without the DualHead?
    By using the Posters, you can achieve the same result with a dedicated pc, networked with the projection computer.
  10. Can I change the size of the Powerpoint presentation?
    The size of the Powerpoint presentation can be edited, according to the most diverse needs.
    This means you can view at the same time: the background of the event, the timer, the name of the speaker, the title of the session, and the downsized slide.
  11. So, may I project on 16:9 screens as well?
    Yes, using the whole screen and with only one projector.
  12. Can I install CongressMediaCenter on my Mac?
    You can install CongressMediaCenter on Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Apple Boot Camp. Published content can be viewed on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms.
  13. But, can it be interfaced with other softwares, you produce?
    C-Presenter is part of the Suite CongressMediaCenter, therefore, it is totally compatible with the other softwares we produce and is scalable for all sizes: for conferences with 1 or 30 rooms.

Tech Spech

Computer and processor Intel/AMD 1 GHz or faster processor
Memory 1024 MB RAM, 2 GB recommended
Hard disk 500 MB available disk space
Display 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
Color depth 32-bit or greater video card
Sound Sound card and mcrophone (for recording narration)
Operating System Microsoft 7/Vista/XP (32 and 64 bit editions)
Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft 2003/2007/2010 (32 and 64 bit editions)
Microsoft Word Microsoft Word 2003/2007/2010 (32 and 64 bit editions)
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Adobe Flash Adobe Player Active X 10.1 or higher