To convey in real time all the updates of your event

Always know
what's going on

C-Glance handles the information of the conference and updates them automatically on the information panels.

Title of the report, speaker, messaging: every detail available in a blink.


Real-time update

C-Glance manages automatically the update of all the information relating to the presentations in progress on the arranged plasma or LCD screens.

It is enough to connect the Halls to the software to view the information concerned on the arranged layout.

Real-time Updates

How to display the data

360° customization.

By means of the layout customisation software, it is possible to decide which information to view on thescreen: fonts, colours, sizes, everything can be customised in full CongressMediaCenter style.

All the layouts can be easily exported to save your time and make your event pleasant and flawless.

Custom layout


Communicate with your audience!

C-Glance provides for a space to view instantly one or more messages to broadcast during the event.

With C-Browser, from the Speaker Ready Room, it is possible to insert one or more messages to view on a rotation basis on the information panels, to inform the attendees about any agenda changes, timetable changes or ..missing objects!


Streaming video

Broadcast the contents.

C-Glance offers the possibility to show a streaming window with the live session of a selected Hall together with the information of the reports.

If the Hall has no more seats available or you want to highlight a particular session, it is possible to view the Streaming Video by means of any streaming programme (such as Windows Media Encoder).

Streaming video

Connect you app

Your event in your pocket!

While you update the event information for the Room Information, it is possible to connect C-Glance to the application for iOs and Android, so to have the real-time updates even on mobile devices.

Visit the mobile applications page and discover all their features.

Application for Conferences


  1. What is it?
    C-Glance is a room information and messaging programme
  2. That is?
    Just to make an example, the timetable of an airport! By means of the plasma or LCD monitor, it is possible to show exactly what is happening in every Hall of the structure where it is used. Who and what he/she is talking about.
  3. And messaging?
    With C-Browser, it is possible from the Speaker Ready Room to insert, delete or edit the messages to broadcast on the various panels.
  4. Does it require a complicated installations?
    It is enough to start it and indicate which are the connected Halls. The programme will track the information and update them.
  5. May I choose which hall to make public and which not?
    Yes, with a simple command on the settings of the C-Presenter. It is possible to include or exclude any Hall from the update.
  6. May I customise the background?
    Of course, C-Glance accepts any type of background file: png, jpg, bmp and psd.
  7. But how many licenses must I buy?
    None. C-Glance is included in the SuiteCongressMediaCenter®.
    It is possible to use it as many times as required on all the installations that you wish, with no other additional license.