Organize your Speaker Ready Room with a software to receive, control and sort your presentations

The core of your Event

C-Browser is the software for the computerized management of the Speaker Ready Room, for the control of all the presentations of the event.

An always updated Timetable.
No missing Presentation.
No unexpected event. Never.


Search & Find

All the results with a click: to speed up loading time C-Browser includes a sophisticated indexing algorithm for the search of presentations during loading.

By simply typing in one or more characters, it is possible to search in a split second the report desired in all the halls, to load promptly and in the right place the presentation files: the Powerpoint files and the relating videos.

Therefore, presentation entry is really fast and loading errors are impossible.

Search for the right presentation

Check your file!

No more errors

By means of the advanced integrated controls of C-Browser, it is possible (and recommended) to check each individual presentation file, before sending it to the Hall.

In this way, any possible error may be corrected before the live session, and there will be no more surprises during the projection.

With a simple click, the software automatically checks every file and sends it to the destination hall.

Check the file and find the errors

Real-time reports

C-Browser controls in real time the loading of presentation files in every hall: in every moment, it will be possible to view an updated report of each hall to check how many and which files have already arrived and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Just a click to keep everything under control!

Real-time reports

Integrating pictures


C-Browser includes an image capturing software for acquiring images of the speakers, to send, when required, to the projection or to the Room Information screens with C-Glance or to include in the digital deeds of your event.

With the PC camera or with an external video acquisition card, it is possible and very easy, to take a picture, to see its preview, to cut it and save it automatically in the relating folder, to customise one's own presentation or collect material for any post-productions.

Take a photo of the speaker

A touch of personalization

You can customize the background of the Speaker Ready Room software to make all the PCs uniform with the brand of the event. A small detail for an extraordinary effect!

More color

An archive for the presentations

Presentations always in order.

By means of the Speaker Ready Room software, it is possible to arrange beforehand, and to edit in any moment, a structure that collects the files of the presentations in the Speaker Ready Room during the event.

The structure thoroughly follows the agenda of the event: therefore, each presentation or video can be stored in a safe and tidy place, together with all the relating data and information.

No file being out of place. No missing file.

Store the presentation in the right folder